Athlete Blogs

Professor Susan E. Brownell sent us over a link to a clipping from ‘Play the Game’ which discussed athlete blogging at Games. It seems there are plans to re-negotiate an athlete’s entitlement to blog at the Olympics:

IOC discusses whether to allow blogs

For the IOC the blogging by athletes is also an issue of concern – particularly in connection with the Olympic Games in Beijing where freedom of speech is already a major topic.

According to the news agency AP,  a subgroup of the IOC’s press commission recently concluded that blogging by athletes would not violate Olympic rules provided that the athletes receive no payment, post their blogs as personal diaries and  do not use photos, video or audio obtained at the games.

But the IOC has not made any decision yet on what policy to adopt and is waiting for recommendations from national Olympic committees.

In relation to the Pan Am Games, they also discuss the use of Internet publications, but for me the question remains as to how they can effectively prohibit such activity:

No live pictures on the Internet

Back at the Pan American Games, the organising committee has also decided that Internet media will not be allowed to present any story or news featuring audiovisual content of the competition. The ban applies to all types of Internet publications whether they belong to news organisations or individuals.

When FIFA tried to introduce limitations on Internet coverage of the World Cup in football last year there was a huge outcry from news organisations and eventually FIFA was persuaded to allow pictures on newspaper websites without time restrictions. In this case, there has not been any strong reactions from news media yet.

 Link to full story at Play the Game