C@tO at Vancouver 2010

Photo by Robert Scales

C@tO is pleased to announce its site relaunch, designed by our new Editorial Assistant, Jennifer Jones. We are all gearing up for Vancouver 2010, where we will have a team of 10 writers and photographers in Vancouver from 1st Feb – 28th Feb. It will include Andy Miah, Beatriz Garcia, Ana Adi, Jennifer Jones, Debbi Lander, Kris Krug & Danielle Sipple. We will be covering all things social, cultural and political related to the Games.

Contact details during Vancouver to follow soon. We’ll be writing for C@tO, along with other outlets, such as the Huffington Post and will operate out of British Columbia Media House, Whistler Media House, the W2 Centre and True North Media House. Staff will also be available for interview on a range of issues related to Olympic issues, including protest and activism, new media stories, doping, environmental sustainability, Vancouver & Whistler city life, and matters of Olympic history.

We are planning on capturing the experience using a range of different media such as video, photography and phone-casting website ipadio, who will be featuring our audio channel on their main website. Follow our activity here and on Twitter @CulturalOlympic.