Freeze Frame art work

The Olympic Park’s artist in residence, Neville Gabie, has created his own version of the ‘Bathers at Asnieres’ as part of the Olympic Delivery Authority’s (ODA’s) Art in the Park programme.

[image: Freeze Frame[1]] Neville Gabie’s version of ‘Bathers at Asnieres’ is called ‘Freeze Frame’ The image was taken in the Olympic Park and uses construction workers from around the project with the bathers replaced by landscape gardeners, engineers, designers and security staff. The image reflects the range of tasks, diversity and skills of those delivering the venues and infrastructure ahead of the Games .

The original iconic painting was created in 1884 by French post-impressionist, Georges Seurat and is housed at The National Gallery.

John Armitt, ODA chairman said: ‘The ODA’s Art in the Park programme has strived to commission original and meaningful works. Neville Gabie’s unique take on Seurat’s 19th century masterpiece will capture both the imagination and attention of art lovers as well as all those who have worked on the Park. It is a fitting tribute to everyone who has worked so hard to ensure the project will finish on time, within budget and to an excellent standard.