Creative Cities Collection, Fine Arts Exhibition London in 2012

(1 August, 2012) This evening at the Barbican, a vast exhibition of 500 artists launched as part of the ‘inspired by London 2012’ program me. In association with various Chinese organizations who have worked to promote fine art at the Olympics, the exhibition showcased visual art forms – primarily paintings or canvassed based work – and was preceded by an awards ceremony.

This is perhaps the largest single exhibition that is part of the London 2012 programme and is open for only 5 days, so try to get to Silk Street at the Barbican to see this immense collection.

It’s the kind of work that gets close to art and sport synergy, which won’t be to everyone’s taste, but there is also some very edgy work – one piece inviting viewers to masturbate! This is not your typical exhibition for IOC members!