Rio Occupation London finale

(2012, August 3) There are some parties during the Olympic Games that just feel like the place that everyone wants to be. Often, these take place at the Olympic national houses, where the athletes hang out after their competitions, but one took place last night that was part of the London 2012 Festival, a celebration of the culture within the Olympic program me. It was the finale of Rio Occupation London, a program me of artistic work, performance and carnival that brought London and Rio closer together ahead of the Rio 2016 Games.

Last night’s finale was packed full of music, cinema, endless poetry and video installations within a warehouse in South London from 3pm until late. Over the last few days, the activity of this project has captured people’s attentions and brings a very urban counterbalance to the installations at Casa Brasil in Somerset house during the Games. With a macabre carnivalesque fashion parade and a Brazilian barbecue, the space was a lively, edgy cornucopia of activity and celebration. A great way to end the Games for this project.