Aims, Philosophy and Submission Guidelines

C@tO is a non-profit magazine, a space where academics and practitioners involved with the Olympic Movement can publish brief commentaries, position pieces, original papers, presentations, working papers, and previously published papers, which may no longer have a visibility in their original form. We also cover Olympic Games time activity, focusing on the non-sporting dimensions of the Games.

The focus of the publication is the cultural, media and political aspects of the Olympic Movement, though a broad interpretation is applied to this and we welcome work from a range of disciplines and expertise. All papers will be subject to editorial guidance. It is requested that papers are written for a non-specialist audience to ensure a wide appeal. We will accept papers in English, French, or Spanish and publish them in their original language.

The serial’s ISSN number is 1747-4698 and the publication will be available for free via the website. Work is copyright protected by a Creative Commons license.

Please note: The aim of this publication is to encourage a more informal, but informed language through which to discuss research or direct experience within the Olympic Games. It is also a space where ideas or critical proposals can be developed.

Submission Guidelines

We do accept unsoliciated submissions and while there are no word limits as such, but a minimum 1,000 and approximate maximum of 3,000 is a good indication of what we aim to publish. If your paper has been published elsewhere, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission from the previous publisher and to include an acknowledgement and full reference in the paper. You are encouraged to submit images with your publication, which must be owned by you or have royalty-free status. In turn, C@tO wil not take ownership of them, nor limit your preference to use the material elsewhere at any point in time. In part, we would like to use this invitation as a way of documentating the visual record of your research, which can be placed in the archive of C@tO. (Please read about the Creative Commons license for further details.)

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  1. Could I grab an email address for you? I have some interesting Olympic / cultural event related video content I would like to send to you along side a press release…

    Kind regards,


  2. Ottima iniziativa per sostenere la Cultura dello Sport in generale.
    Non è prevista la lingua italiana; me ne dispiaccio, mi sento europeo,ma sarei comunque felice di collaborare. Con molta cordialità. Franco

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