Andy Miah

Andy Miah is Editor-in-Chief for Culture @ the Olympics, for which he also writes and shoots. Since Sydney 2000, his reporting has been published in a range of the world’s media, from broadsheet news to feature magazines.
As well, as a creative digital expert in future media, he is a highly sought after speaker and interviewee for the international media community.

This page offers a sample of his work and his Games time activity as a journalist.


Recent Authored Books

Recent News Articles

Miah, A. (2020, July 28) Virtual Tour de France shows how esports has come of age during lockdown, The Conversation, Available at:

Miah, A. (2020, April 15) ‘How Our Drone Society was Made by Artists and What it Tells us About Ourselves, CLOT Magazine, Available at:

Miah, A. (2020) Esports and the Beginnings of Transmedia Architecture, The Design Exchange, Available at:

Miah, A. (2020) Our Eyes in the Skies, The Big Issue.

Miah, A. (2016, ) Will Super Mario ever be an Olympic sport?, The Conversation,

Miah, A. (2016, Aug 20) Incredible Images From Rio 2016, As Photographers Rise To Meet Social Media Challenges, The Conversation,  

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