Digital resources for the Winter Games

Following the model of BCMC the village of Whistler, one of the main hosts of the Olympic outdoor competitions, has put together a similar centre catering for the media in town interested in following stories out the beaten Olympic track: the Whistler Media House. This article also features a list of digital resources for the Winter Games.

We Are Here – The Aboriginal Pavilion

The Aboriginal Pavilion, based in the heart of downtown Vancouver (West Georgia Street & Hamilton St), promotes the culture and heritage of Canada’s oldest people, as part of British Columbia’s showcase during the Vancouver Winter Olympics. A light and visual effects show, traditional food and artwork have attracted 14,000 spectators each day since the start of the Games.

British Columbia Entertainment at ROBSON SQUARE during Games time

According to a press release from the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport, BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Secretariat, of the British Columbia Government, the Robson Square of Vancouver will be the scene for B.C.-focused, free entertainment every day and night during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Sport, Tourism and the Olympic Games

Call for Papers Journal of Sport & Tourism Special issue:  Sport, Tourism and the Olympic Games Deadline for submission:  8 January 2010 Purpose of the special issue: Every four years[…]