Thanks a lot Vancouver!

Another Olympic Games has drawn to a close. Thanks so much to all of our new friends, especially W2 and, in particular, Irwin Oostindie, Lianne Payne. As well, thanks to[…]

Vectorial Elevation

‘Vectorial Elevation’ is an interactive art installation, by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, which features 20 10-kilowatt robotic searchlights along the shoreline. The beams illuminate over a one-kilometre patch of sky and are visible from more than 15 kilometres away.

Whistler Arts

Taking advantage of the influx of Olympic visitors, the Whistler Arts Council promotes the endives of local artists throughout the Village as part of its Arts Walk, which links 43 host galleries together hosted by a variety of spaces from coffee shops to hotel lobbies. However, it’s not only these locations that promote artistic interest. The centre of the village offers as well plenty of opportunities to explore or observe artwork.

We Rock, an art exhibit by Ken Wesman

Artist Ken Wesman, who has been drawing inspiration from the Olympics since the 1988 Games of Calgary, is raising money for the YWCA in Vancouver, a non-profit organisation working mainly with children and women who have suffered from domestic abuse, by auctioning his Olympic themed paintings.

Digital resources for the Winter Games

Following the model of BCMC the village of Whistler, one of the main hosts of the Olympic outdoor competitions, has put together a similar centre catering for the media in town interested in following stories out the beaten Olympic track: the Whistler Media House. This article also features a list of digital resources for the Winter Games.

Atos Orgin Olympic Technical Operation Centre

Atos Origin, the Olympic’s IT partner since Beijing and suppliers since Barcelona, do not want to grab the limelight during this, or indeed, any games. In fact, they actively seek out to be as invisible as they can, knowing that the entire technical infrastructure; from press releases to results, to venue computer terminals and international media coverage depends on their ability to remain ubiquitous, a silent but incredibly important factor of mega events facilitation. A error in the delivery, a server crash or a system failure, could spell disaster for the whole operation.