Rio Occupation London finale

(2012, August 3) There are some parties during the Olympic Games that just feel like the place that everyone wants to be. Often, these take place at the Olympic national[…]

Peace Camp 2012

(19-22 July, 2012) One of the contributions to the Olympic Truce program me from the London 2012 Festival is Peace Camp 2012, which we reported on earlier this month. Here[…]

Peace Camp 2012

(19-22 July, 2012) Few will have heard of the Olympic Truce, a programme that aims to promote peace during the Olympic Games. Its main aim is to ensure athletes have[…]

Olympic State

In January, participants at Birkbeck’s conference on the links between Barcelona 1992 and London 2012 were invited to an Olympic site perimeter walk during which we saw Jim Woodall’s ‘Olympic[…]