vol.04 (2002)


Hosting Major Events

by Beatriz Garcia and Andy Miah

Overcoming bad press Although the Salt Lake Games have been accompanied by controversies since their very inception, the local support for hosting the world Olympics within the state of Utah has been remarkable. Now with the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City complete, potential event host cities have a different example to learn how they can develop their staging strategy. term interests of the place has resulted in a careful investment in infrastructures.


The Olympics is not a Sporting Event

by Beatriz Garcia and Andy Miah

With the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games winding down, visitors will have noticed how the Olympics does not only mean spending copious amounts of money to watch athletes whizz past at extraordinary speeds. Originally conceived by Baron Pierre de Coubertin as a vehicle of cultural and educational betterment, the Olympic Games in Salt Lake has served to reinforce these links in some novel ways. the Olympics does not just mean watching athletes.


Division of Olympic Proportions

by Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia

Apparently, the Olympic Games is about different peoples coming together as one group. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) expounds the nice, liberal values of peace, freedom, justice and honesty, asking that the world comes together to “celebrate humanity”. If you have not been to an Olympic Games, then you have probably not been exposed to this new-age discrimination


The truth about Olympic Truce: rights, responsibilities and the impossibility of being global and apolitical.

by Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia

On the penultimate night of the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games in February 2002, demonstrators were in the city centre reminding visitors that the Olympics is about global peace, not winning medals or breaking world records.


The Olympic Myth

by Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia

The Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games draws to a close this weekend with very little controversy surrounding it. For this newly famed US Western city, its challenges were found somewhat earlier in the last millennium.


A Scottish Olympics.

by Beatriz Garcia and Andy Miah

At the competition venue, Scottish and British flags were flying. With the gold medal win of the all-Scottish women’s curling team, Scotland has ensured a new place in international sport and has allowed Great Britain to improve its Winter Games record. One of the most locally appreciated events of the official Olympic cultural program explained the history of the Western pioneers, recognising as key the importance of the Scottish settlers and their unique way of life.