vol.06 (2004)


Non-Accredited Media, the Olympic Games & the host city: The British Academy 2004 project

by Beatriz Garcia and Andy Miah

This project has assessed the utility of non-accredited media centres as a platform for securing appropriate media reporting of local cultures during the Olympic Games. The research conducted in Athens during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games built on the findings of earlier work at the Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics.


Athens Olympic Games 2004 Research Diary of the British Academy Project,

by Andy Miah

Research diary of the British Academy project Between the 2 nd and the 23 rd of August 2004, we were based in Athens undertaking research about the role of non-accredited media centres in promoting the culture of the hosts of the summer Olympic Games. This project was funded by the British Academy and is described in C@tO (vol.6, issue 1). The following pages present our informal research diary notes. 3 August 2 August issues, trends and perspectives www.culturalolympics.org.uk


More than a Game: Arts programming can increase local participation

by Beatriz Garcia

Two years ago I wrote an article titled ‘The Olympics is not a sporting event’. The intention was to emphasise the cultural dimension of an event that is often viewed solely as an elite sports competition. Unlike other sports events, the Olympics are supposed to be more than that. They are supposed to be a vehicle to achieve individual self- improvement, civic involvement and cultural understanding in order to, ultimately, advance towards world peace.