vol.07 (2005)

The contents of this edition are proceedings from a seminar organised by the Centre for Cultural Policy Research at University of Glasgow, in association with the London 2012 Culture & Education team (Glasgow, 20 June, 2005).


Exploring Internationalism: Scotland responds to London’s Olympic Vision for Culture in 2012

Seminar Report

Special report from the day seminar organised by the Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow, in association with London 2012 Culture and Education, Olympic Bid Team (20 June 2005).


Opening Presentation

by Professor Adrienne Scullion

Good morning – my name is Adrienne Scullion and I am the academic director of the Centre for Cultural Policy Research here at the University of Glasgow. The CCPR and London 2012 teams are really delighted that you wanted to participate in this event – thank you for coming along – I hope that you will find the morning’s proceedings interesting.


Special Address

by Patricia Ferguson, MSP

Member of Scottish Parliament Patricia Ferguson offers an opening address for delegates .


Olympism and Internationalism

by Jude Kelly MBE

In her position as Chair of the London 2012 Culture and Education Committee, Jude Kelly discusses her vision for a cultural and educational programme leading to the London 2012 Olympic Games that links with creative people around the UK and encourages international engagement with the rest of the world.


Culture at the Olympics: Intangible, invisible, but impacting

by Beatriz Garcia & Andy Miah

Why are the Olympic Games more special than any other sporting event? Why is the media coverage surrounding the decision over who wins the Olympics so immense? Is it just because the Olympics is an enormous event with large trans-national stakeholders?


Discussion Session

edited by Beatriz Garcia

The following is an edited transcript of the seminar’s discussion session, lead by two position papers and followed by a panel debate & questions from the floor.