vol.08 (2006)

This year’s volume consists of a series of multi-media artifacts. We present a visual documentary of our second British Academy funded research project, which aims to represent a range of Olympic spaces during and before the Torino 2006 Winter Games and Pre-Olympic Beijing.

NB: For referencing purposes, simply include a credit to ‘Culture @ the Olympics’

8.1 Torino 2006 Visual Documentary

8.2 Torino 2006 Videos (link to be updated)

8.3The Olympics and Web 2.0 (link to be updated)

8.4 Pre-Olympic Beijing [images]

8.5 4th International Forum on the Beijing Olympic

8.6 4th Beijing 2008 Olympic Cultural Festival

8.7 The New Media at the Olympics: Citizen Journalism and the Non-Accredited Media, pp.1-7 [powerpoint from presentation at conference in Beijing 2006, ‘Global Olympiad, Chinese Media’]