Vol.09 (2007)


Looking Ahead to Vancouver: A Perspective on Olympic Arts Festivals

by Raymond T. Grant

This essay presents evidence given to Whistler Chamber of Commerce, July 21, 2005 by the Artistic Director for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games.


Ever Decreasing Circles: The Profile of Culture at the Olympics

by Beatriz Garcia & Andy Miah

The Olympic Games is clearly established as the largest sporting event in the world today. In addition to the 16 days of elite sport competition taking over our TV screens every two years, the Games also incorporates ambitious cultural and arts programming for as long as four years leading up to the Olympic fortnight.


No Go Logo? London 2012’s Branding Hurdle

by Andy Miah

When the London 2012 logo was launched in the spring of 2007, a few weeks ahead of an IOC visit to London, the British media reported widespread criticism of its purpose, quality and value.


China, The Olympics & Global Leadership

by Orville Schell

The whole world, it seems, views China as the next great global power. A trip to Beijing does little to dispel that impression. Out of the welter of dust, noise, welders’ sparks, flotillas of cement mixers and construction cranes, the setting for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games is taking shape. A visitor feels inconsequential in the chaotic vastness of this epic undertaking.


Challenges for a Regional Cultural Programme of the 2012 Games

by Richard Shipway and Lorraine Brown

The Olympic Games represent not only a sports competition but also a focal point for cultural celebrations and exchanges. This paper considers the potential for a cultural programme in Dorset, site of the London 2012 sailing events.