Vol.12 (2010)


by Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia

The Vancouver 2010 Games is the sixth Games where Culture @ the Olympics has had a presence. Ten years after we began, this Editorial discusses what C@tO tries to do and what’s coming next.


Vancouver’s Olympic CODE

by Christiane Job

The Cultural Olympiad of the Vancouver 2010 Games has curated a digital edition called Canada CODE, which is providing a gateway to Canadian identity.


New Media Activism at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

by Andy Miah

As the cities of Vancouver and Whistler prepare to host the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, new media activism promises to take the Gold medal, but will anyone outside of the cities notice?


Restricting Artists is not an Olympic Ideal: Open Letter to VANOC

by Raymond T. Grant

This article is a letter from Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Game Arts Festival director to the CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (VANOC), sent on February 10, 2010


BC Prepares for the Opening Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

by Kris Krug

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games are upon us and things are heating up around Vancouver. You can feel the energy in the city as all the last minute details are pulled together for this huge event.


The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games

by Andy Miah

The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is the most watched event in the world with an expected 1.4 billion people tuning in to a Summer Games ceremony. Most of this audience will have had no prior coverage of the local political issues that surrounded the Games, nor will they care too much about these matters, since they are tuning in to see athletes prepare to compete in sports.


Delivering a Cultural Olympiad: Vancouver 2010 meets London 2012

by Debbi Lander & Richard Crowe

As London 2012 takes its turn to deliver the Olympic Games, two of its regional Creative Programmers talk about what can been learned from Vancouver 2010 and what is required to deliver a legacy, not just for audiences, but for the creative sectors that are involved in the process of creating an Olympic cultural programme.