Vol.13 (2011)


Media Blueprint for
London 2012

by Andy Miah

The last two years of Olympic history have been shaped by the social media revolution. Professor Miah outlines the values of the #media2012 project, an international network of citizen journalists who are taking ownership of media production around the London 2012 Games


Citizen Media as
a Platform for
Olympic Culture

by Beatriz Garcia

This paper was presented to the International Olympic Committee in December 2010, presenting and analysing the rise of citizen media at the Games and the prospects for #media2012.



Mixed Reality at Mega Events: Bringing the Games to You?

by David McGillivray

Does the greater use of media technology to create micro-festivals in the form of Live Sites make the experience more inclusive, or does it just extend the reach of corporate brands?


Ambush Media & the Olympics

by Andy Miah

How will cutting edge media technologies affect the way in which the Olympics is experienced by fans and controlled by organizers?


London 2012 & New Legacies of Learning: Citizen Media as Public Pedagogy

by Emma Rich

Can social media provide an opportunity for young people to learn through the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad?